Iconic Poet, Nikki Giovanni Performs ‘Quilts’

Nikki Giovanni once penned that the beauty of a poet is that  “we put things together in ways no one else does.”

This statement has held true throughout Ms. Giovanni’s literary career. Her poetic prose have provided both dark and colorful insight into the Black experience over the years all while dropping gems of knowledge amid personal truths.

Her profound slick talk, such as the popular ‘Ego Trippin’ grabs your ear. The way she tells a story touching on society and race, such as “Black Power” (For All the Beautiful Black Panthers East), flosses her intellect. The candid emotion expressed in “Quilts” shows her vulnerability.

But don’t just take our word on the latter. In this #JETSuite session, we present you Ms. Nikki Giovanni performing “Quilts.”

*Originally Published on JETMag.com


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