Behind The Headlines with WGN Producer Tyra Martin

News is not intended to be a daily report of normalcy. The intent of news is to inform the public of the unusual, the notable, the weird, the celebrated and the tragic.

It holds a repertoire and responsibility to go beyond what is pleasant and explore and report the depths of life situations. It can range from corky to stern, a smile and laugh to shedding tears and bowing heads in grief.

It is the abnormal and the interesting.

Orchestrating and organizing the unseen footwork is the Producer. The persons(s) responsible for what is reported, which guests to interview and events to cover and how to bring stories to life. headed to WGN studios for a conversation with Producer Tyra Martin and gained insider goods on identifying news and the difference in what qualifies as hustling- then and now.

She also presents a challenge to all who aspire to a life designed by authentic curiosity, uncanny motive, innovative spirit and that voice inside that urges you to just β€˜Go for it!”

Take note on the gems below!

WGN Morning News Producer Tyra Martin from Chan C. Smith on Vimeo.


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